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Highest Protection

Elites Hosting Networks are running on the most protected dedicated servers which guarantees the best defense against DDOS attackers and professional hackers so, we don't know what's DDOS!


Best Technical Support

Friendly Technical Support team are ready to assist you whenever you need them just contact us through the contacting ways listed below and we'll assist you as soon as we get to you!


Advanced Control Panels

We don't know the definition of "Basic" we know the definition of "Advanced" Only, because of that we run our hosting networks on the best and most advanced Control Panels and Member Areas!


Free MySQL Databases

We are providing free MySQL databases to our customers with remote access and instant setup, so they can import their databases and use their creativity into developing a powerful server with the most recent MySQL Version!

Custom Add-ons

Got bored from installing Add-ons manually and oh, when you delete something mistakenly and have to re-upload everything?! Here we provide patches and add-ons by one click installation for all the games!

Verified Team Speak 3 License

Got tired from random trolls about free Team Speak 3 Servers and then lose the server in days? We don't have that here, our Team Speak 3 Is verified officially and there might not be any legal issues, just buy now!

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Support Time: From Saturday to Thursday Starting from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Need Help or a custom quote directly from supporters/experts of Elites Hosting Networks? Here are the ways of being supported below:


Sending us an E-mail | Contacting us Through Skype Chat | Submitting a Support Ticket Through Client Area | Contacting us Through Forum Private Messages | Posting on the appropriate forum sections
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We are happy because we had the opportunity to create such a powerful company running at the highest performance dedicated servers and the most advanced control panels with satisfied customers and we look forward to helping more people running their communities!



Evolution Host help us host SAMP servers across the globe.

    We are supporting many game servers/voice servers and paying gateways. Don't know what to choose? Tell Us!
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