News about free SA:MP servers!

Hello,Thanks for trusting Elites Hosting Networks that makes us proud.We are sorry for inconvenience caused by the close of our contractions with the dedicated servers providers which we used to put free servers agents on. And, we are happy to say that problem is now solved but for paid servers this client area will be used but for free ones they ... Read More »

15th Dec 2016
XmaS Promo-Code!

We are now offering an 10% discount in all of our servers plans we provide for the first payment.-Just place your order and at promo code you need to enter XmaS so that you can get that discount in the first payment only.-So if you bought as 3 months or annually you can also get that discount rather than buying for 1 month.This offer starting ... Read More »

6th Dec 2016
We have decided to keep on continuing!

We are happy to announce once more time that we will not close the company but we'll make massive improvements to the company to provide the best user experience to our customers, in addition, the files of everyone won't be lost same as the paid ones.

Do not worry about your server, it'll stay up!
-Elites Networks Team.

5th Dec 2016
Server IP of Node2 and Node3 Changed!

Hello, We have changed the server IPs for Node2( and Node3( for networking issue that can't be solved.All Files of your server are remain same without any loss, also who own a MySQL database with same data without any loss.Only who has a server with IP like this and the IP has been ... Read More »

23rd Sep 2016
New node in France!

We have added a new node, Location is France, now we can host much more free SA-MP Servers! Admins

9th Sep 2016
Elites Hosting - Massive Update

Elites Hosting Massive Update   -Added more new nodes to hos​t more game & voice servers. -Added Paid game servers, ​Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault, SA-MP (Premium), Minecraft, Multi Theft Auto, Counter Strike 1.6. -Added Paid voice server, Team Speak 3. -​Replaced the current domain with "". -Changed the comp​any ... Read More »

30th Jun 2016
Important Announcement: Verify Your email!

Hello,As their is some clients didn't verify their email ownership yet.We will give them a last chance to 15/6/2016If their is no verify done until this day, we will close any service belongs to this account.Users who verified their email will not be affected with this.As we don't allow unverified emails without their ownership.Thanks for ... Read More »

9th Jun 2016
Eazy way to change your server version !

Hello, The best and eazy way to change your server version Follow this steps: 1) Login to control panel.2) Stop your server.3) Go to Addons.4) Select "Install Config (6)"5) Select the version you want.6) Press Install.7) Start your server.We have fixed the permissions, so no longer to ask for an unlock of samp03svr.This will not delete any ... Read More »

28th Apr 2016
Thank you for choosing ElitesHost !

Welcome to ! You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.

If at any point you get stuck, our support team is available 24x7 to assist you. Simply visit to request assistance.

27th Apr 2016